Client Stories

Automating Daily Trading Positions Tracking


Difficulty in monitoring daily trading positions

Our client had an issue with monitoring and management of their daily trading positions with each of their four brokers, who sent in their summary statements in a variety of formats. These were being manually inputted, with a further manual reconciliation and check performed afterwards.


Automate the complex

As well as the highly manual capture and validation process, various management reports and summaries were needed to be sent out directly to enable an accurate and timely view of daily trades. The client needed a solution that captured and transformed the data, overhauled and optimised its processes.


Automation, accuracy and speed

A daily process which previously took over three hours to complete has been reduced to less than 5 minutes. Xceptor ensures the right data, in the right format, is connected at the right time, reconciliation is automated and it generates daily trade reports. Automatic capture and dynamic matching and reconciliation of the incoming broker statements drastically improved the accuracy rate to over 95%.

A variety of different reports are automatically created and emailed directly to the relevant person.