Xceptor swift support demo

Watch this brief demo to see the benefits of Xceptor's Swift processing capabilities.

SWIFT messages are pervasive in financial services processes and the ability to easily convert SWIFT messages into useful data inputs and get them out again is critical. The power and flexibility of the Xceptor platform means that business users can create input templates, map key fields and repeating sequences without the need for expensive dedicated software libraries or transform tool.

Key benefits include:
CircleWavyCheck Data ingestion - any SWIFT message format, handling both ISO 15022 and ISO 20022.
CircleWavyCheck Extract SWIFT messages - Xceptor reads all data points in supported SWIFT formats.
CircleWavyCheck Data distribution - outputs shared with any internal system or SWIFT gateway.
CircleWavyCheck Support - SWIFT standard updates are supported without the need for software upgrades.
CircleWavyCheck Intuitive and user-friendly interface.
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Watch the demo