Client onboarding automation

Discover how financial institutions can reduce the time it takes to onboard a new client and provide a better experience.

Client onboarding has always been a highly manual process. The account opening/ onboarding is time-consuming, error-prone and lacks scalability.

By automating the client request capture process, including documentation management, workflow, communication and synchronisation with reference data sources and internal systems, the teams still maintain process oversight, but reduce the time it takes to onboard an account. Resulting in improved accuracy, better client experience and allow for business growth.
In this session, you will find out how you can easily:
CircleWavyCheck Capture client onboarding requests (both direct and through third party portals).
CircleWavyCheck Automate client data capture and reduce relationship manager overheads.
CircleWavyCheck Automate KYC and other master account activities (within Xceptor or using existing organisational technologies).
CircleWavyCheck Create parallel task tracking at team/market or product level.
CircleWavyCheck Generate and prepopulate documentation on behalf of clients, substantially reducing their effort.
CircleWavyCheck Full integration with internal systems to remove any rekeying tasks.
Client onboarding automation

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