Streamline your tax operation like a pro

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A complex regulatory landscape, coupled with increasing data-driven requirements around operational taxes, is presenting key challenges for financial intermediaries.

Our tax experts discuss methods for overcoming these challenges, including:
CircleWavyCheck Streamlining your tax operation by increasing digitisation and standardisation for end-to-end processing.
CircleWavyCheck Reducing complexity in the recovery of €8.4bn per year* of unclaimed withholding tax.
CircleWavyCheck Exception workflow - automate and integrate exception management, with a comprehensive audit trail of actions performed on data.
CircleWavyCheck Mitigate risk - save time and mitigate risks with our rule-based engine and improve straight-through processing and eliminate EUCs and spreadsheets in the process.
We also take a closer look at the Xceptor Tax Processing platform, showing how your organisation and your customers can benefit from a more proactive and efficient operational tax function.
Xceptor - Streamline your tax operation like a pro

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