Xceptor wins best client onboarding solution at Data Management Insight Awards Europe 2023

Best Client Onboarding Solution - Data Management Insight Awards Europe 2023

We were delighted to win Best Client Onboarding Solution at the Data Management Insight Awards Europe 2023. This is especially gratifying because the results of the awards are based on votes from users' financial markets community.

Xceptor’s client onboarding solution is pre-configured to leverage the power of our platform to transform the way our clients automate their processes and workflows for new clients. We automate and digitize customer onboarding and account opening as a standalone solution or one that integrates with existing infrastructure to speed up the process and ensure customers enjoy an elevated first experience with our financial institution clients.

According to McKinsey, onboarding is a great opportunity for financial institutions to differentiate themselves, win corporate customers, increase efficiency and drive revenue growth. Yet, when it comes to customer experience, it is often overlooked. Banks simply haven’t got a handle on onboarding automation and technology as differentiators.

Automating onboarding hasn’t previously been done, or at least not well, because the complexity of the data and the number of processes required were simply too difficult for most financial institutions. It requires the ingestion of complex unstructured data, from multiple sources, and orchestrating complex workflows, all while remaining compliant with evolving regulations. The benefits are clear, however – faster time to revenue, improved customer service - to name just two.

Xceptor is changing this. We’ve transformed onboarding by using the power of our data automation platform. With Xceptor, all processes and data are automated and integrated through a single platform giving operational users one location for all actions and statuses, and more accurate updates, escalations, and approvals. Because the platform is easily configurable, our clients can design implementation and deployment paths that align with their most immediate priorities and longer-term business goals, as well as changing regulatory requirements The Xceptor platform also allows clients to build their own applications as standalone or alongside our pre-configured solutions to support improved onboarding, including seamless connection to third-party technology providers that offer services such as KYC, AML, credit, and legal checks, etc.

Client results

One of our clients, a tier one financial institution, reduced its onboarding time from six weeks to six days with our solution. Thanks to this accelerated onboarding, it was able to capitalize on changes in the market to win business from its competitors. Another of our clients, a tier one global investment bank, achieved a 50% reduction in the time it took to open an account for a customer.  

A-Team Insight announced the results of the second annual Data Management Awards Europe 2023 on November 30. These awards recognize both established solution vendors and innovation newcomers providing leading data management solutions, services and consultancy to capital markets participants across Europe. Congratulations to all the other winners. 

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