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Data automation in financial services

Driving native automation in the financial services industry

In an increasingly digital post-pandemic world, what will move the needle towards native automation?

For tech-forward sectors, the focus is increasingly on industry-specific technologies.

The bottom line? As the low hanging automation opportunities addressed by general purpose tools runs its course, the post-pandemic digital era will be dominated by industry-specific solutions

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Customer success story: validating legacy trades

One leading European Investment bank used Xceptor to validate legacy trades dating back decades. The result? The bank successfully reconciled tens of thousands of trades and identified and corrected countless errors which would have cost them considerably.

quoteWe originally started this as a one-off project, but we quickly realized; if this is successfully reconciling documents from 15 years ago, why wouldn't we reconcile a document from today?

Global Head of Trade Validation
Leading European Investment Bank

300 use cases, 1 solution

HFS point of view on Xceptor's data automation platform

Global tech analyst firm, HFS Research, interviewed our customer leaders about their experience with Xceptor. One client identified 5 critical areas where Xceptor was pivotal in changing the state of its financial operations, and driving true transformation.


HFS point of view on Xceptor's data automation platform

quoteWe went from thirty separate systems to a single platform - enabling greater data transparency and accuracy.

Senior Leader
Major Multi-National Bank