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Automating daily trading positions tracking

How our client reduced their daily trading positions tracking from three hours to less than five minutes.

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Difficulty in monitoring daily trading positions

Our client has four brokers that each send a summary statement in a different format, intensifying the already complex management and monitoring of daily trading positions.  

This led to a significant amount of manual input and manual reconciliation and checking.

Pain points

  • This process involves a high level of manual capture and processing.
  • An accurate and timely view of daily trades requires various management reports and summaries.
  • A variety of formats make data management and monitoring difficult.


Automate the complex

We provided our client with a solution that captures and transforms data, overhauling and optimizing its processes.

  • Automation shortened their daily processing from three hours to under five minutes.
  • Dramatically improves accuracy rates, reaching over 95%.
  • Connects the right data in the right format at the right time.
  • The automated reconciliation generates daily trade reports.


Faster processing with streamlined processes

Reducing processing speed to less than five minutes while achieving over 95% accuracy.

Removing the manual processing streamlines the process while freeing up staff for higher-value activities.

Overhauling a previously complex and time-consuming process provides time-savings for both our client and its customers.



We knew Xceptor would make a difference and are really impressed by how much it has delivered. Xceptor is the perfect flexible data management solution to fit with our aim of delivering superior service using leading technologies.

CIO, Leading Global Bank

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