Data automation: the workflow efficiency game-changer

New Coalition Greenwich report highlights the urgent need for tech and automation in capital markets.

The T+1 implementation deadline in 2024 is fast approaching, sparking concerns about readiness amongst market participants.

The study involved over 60 C-suite and senior leaders, revealing complexities in process automation due to data volume.

Key insights:

CircleWavyCheck Deadline alert: May 28, 2024, has been set as the deadline for next-day trade settlements. A swift trade lifecycle is now more important than ever.
CircleWavyCheck Risk warning: Manual processes in up to 20% of reconciliations risk missed settlements and potential losses.
CircleWavyCheck Data surge: The rise in data volumes, coupled with new regulatory requirements, is driving firms towards technology for data cleaning, standardization, and automation.
CircleWavyCheck Tech urgency: Firms using in-house systems may face hurdles with tighter trade cycles. Embracing streamlined technology to meet T+1 requirements is crucial.
Download the report

Download the report

Surviving the T+1 deadline: a guide to efficient data and automation

Surviving the T+1 deadline: a guide to efficient data and automation

Join Alexander Gent and Audrey Blater, author of the Coalition Greenwich report, as they delve into strategies for improving trade lifecycle efficiency, managing vast data volumes, and implementing process automation effective process automation.