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Xceptor Reconciliations

Automate simple to complex reconciliations end-to-end, providing greater data transparency, accuracy, and control to Financial Institutions.

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Your challenges

Myriad of structured and unstructured data sources from legacy systems require frequent reconciliations. Re-configuring them at your desk will reduce effort and increase productivity.


False breaks consume time and effort to analyse and resolve.


Onboarding reconciliation sources from legacy systems is often complex and dependent on technology teams.


Reducing breaks and root cause analysis depends on the quality and availability of the right data.

Our solution

Take charge of your reconciliations. Get control of your data. Reduce the effort and accelerate your processes so that solving exceptions becomes the norm.

Take charge of your reconciliations

Xceptor Reconciliations combines, in a single easy to use product, data acquisition, data curation, data matching, exception reporting for root cause analysis, and resolution. 


Xceptor Reconciliations saves you time, increases your productivity and enables a reliable outcome.


Trusted by some of the largest financial institutions in the world.

Key benefits


Allow your business users to configure reconciliations easily and quickly without the need for technical skills.

Streamlined process

Ingest and prepare data upfront to reduce time spent on set-up and maintenance.

Comprehensive coverage

Whether structured, unstructured, or semi-structured, all data can be reconciled accurately.

Reduced risk

Integrated, visible, automated exception management, with a comprehensive audit trail of actions performed on data items.

Improved straight-forward processing

Save time and mitigate risks with our comprehensive rule-based engine.

Easy to use

With a few hours of training for a simple reconciliation, and several days for more complex ones, you will be able to create new reconciliations and re-assemble and update existing ones with ease.

Key features

A streamlined approach to managing reconciliations, with features designed to make it easy to take control of your data. Ensuring accuracy from the outset and paving the way for frictionless reconciliations.

Data validation and distribution dropdown

Use business logic to prepare and transform data upfront, aggregating, validating, and enriching data from various sources into the reconciliation process.

Smarter workflow dropdown

Drag and drop data sets enable you to build your reconciliation framework to automatically validate, repair and reconcile data.

Flexible match rules dropdown

Multiple match and comparison rules can be configured as required, with no limits on the number of fields included or their complexity.

Exception prioritization and assignment dropdown

Exception handling is completely configurable with the ability to assign items based on flexible conditions, as well as set user defined fields.

Enterprise-grade, secure, and powerful dropdown

Xceptor reconciliations is powered by our unique combination of machine learning, optical character recognition and natural language processing capabilities within our enterprise-grade platform, available as SaaS or on-premise, and ISO 27001 certified.

Xceptor Reconciliations workflow



Extract any data type from any source, remediate inconsistencies, curate, and ensure completeness.


Business logic

Complement and enrich the data from other internal or external sources.


Business workflow

Map enriched data to flexible business
rules to align with reconciliation objective
and style. For example, rolling, snapshot,
multiway, throw-away.



Match data as business objectives, through scheduling and use of formulas and tolerances to maximize match rates. Apply aging models to identify key risks.


Exception management

Resolve exceptions through auto assignments based on flexible user-driven criteria and eliminate manual repetitive escalations.


Reporting / management information

Generate automatic or ad-hoc reports or connect to external reporting tools. Reports are  configurable to the business objective.

Reconciliations workflow

Reconciliations workflow

Associate Director, Head of Reconciliations

quote Xceptor has helped to shift the time and effort that my team used to spend on manual work to other less mundane and higher-value activities.

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