Xceptor wins 'Most Innovative Data-Driven Transformation Project' at the A-Team Innovation Awards 2024

Most Innovative Data-Driven Transformation Project
Most Innovative Data-Driven Transformation Project | Xceptor

What an honor to have the Xceptor Platform be recognized at the A-Team Innovation Awards 2024! We're excited to share our story behind the award for the Most Innovative Data-Driven Transformation Project. Our project, which has now been globally recognized, showcases our commitment to revolutionizing data management and processing. 


1. The challenge

In the world of asset management, where the stakes are high and the data vast, efficiency and accuracy are paramount. Xceptor was entrusted with the task of transforming a manual, labor-intensive, and error-prone system into an automated, high-volume, and reliable solution. The goal was clear: to enhance data integrity, reduce operational risks, and improve customer satisfaction.

2. Our approach

Xceptor implemented an intelligent data automation platform capable of ingesting and transforming complex data from diverse sources. This solution had to be robust yet flexible, ensuring that the specialist teams retained ownership and management without being burdened by the technical complexities.

3. The transformation

The transformation was profound. By deploying an End User Computing solution, we enabled efficient data capture across various file types and channels. The platform’s built-in validation mechanisms ensured data integrity from the point of capture to the delivery into specific workflows. What’s more, it was all configurable by the end-users.

4. The results

The results speak for themselves:

  • Streamlined processes: The manual handling of data, especially from PDF documents for dividend distribution payments, has been significantly reduced.
  • Enhanced data integrity: Risks associated with data management have been substantially mitigated, surpassing baseline data governance protocols.
  • Improved efficiency: Data processing times have been shortened, and accuracy has been heightened, all while reducing risk.

5. The future

This award is more than just a recognition; it's a catalyst for further innovation. We are inspired to continue our pursuit of excellence in data-driven transformation and to continue on our journey in supporting clients in bringing data and processes together to address business challenges.

The A-Team Innovation Awards celebrate the innovative projects and teams across vendor and practitioner communities that make use of new and emerging technologies to deliver high-value solutions for financial institutions in capital markets with a focus on data management, trading technology, RegTech or ESG. The winners of the awards were announced on 30 April 2024.


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