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Harnessing the power of robotic process automation

How our client utilized RPAs to transform 6,000 back-office processes.

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Reducing repetitive back-office processes

Back-office processes are labor-intensive, repetitive, and rules-driven. Our client has identified 6,000 of these non-strategic processes it considers suitable for robotic process automation (RPA).

As with many other organizations, our client is looking to replace a high proportion of its existing offshore jobs with robots to save money and help transform the business.

Pain points

  • Bots can only access the data in about 1,000 processes.
  • RPA works best when dealing with structured data and simple tasks.

Pain points


Manual intervention caused low STP rates for certain asset classes.


Inconsistencies in the trade confirmation process increase operational risk.


Regulatory requirements were unmet due to the use of legacy systems not fit for purpose.


Disparate legacy systems handle multiple asset classes.


Any type of data in any format - easily captured

Our solution means data in all 6,000 processes is now accessible to produce real-time consolidated reports, exception work queues, and dashboards. 

Users receive automatically distributed consolidation reports, exception work queues, and dashboards.

The data transformation enables the capture of internal and external data, including from robots. This means that a proportion of the 6,000 processes are no longer processed by bots, and instead remain within Xceptor.



Take control of all your inbound and outbound confirmations processes in a single workflow.


Ingest data, produce documentation, escalate risks, and manage the indexing and return of confirmations in one standardised workflow across your entire business.


Integrate all trade booking platforms, market utilities and resolution portals.

A market leader in confirmations processing, Xceptor is trusted by some of the largest global financial institutions.

Our solution


Automation of the trade confirmations process across multi-asset classes.


Platform managed by the operations team, enabling them to implement rollouts and rules without the need for IT.

Version control

Our client has control to continuously improve process by refining rules on an ongoing basis.

Audit log

The audit tracking function increases control and reduces risk.


Greater efficiency reduces operational risk

Replacing a high number of offshore jobs with robots delivers cost savings.

Robot process automation negates the need for previously labor-intensive and repetitive manual work, delivery greater efficiencies.

The automation of previously manual processes reduces operational risk.


Xceptor has helped to shift the time and effort that my team used to spend on manual work to other less mundane and higher-value activities.

Associate Director, Financial Services

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