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Schroders' implementation of intelligent data automation

Streamlined operations, high data accuracy, and robust governance.

Schroders' implementation of intelligent data automation
200 years of operation
£726.1bn of wealth & investment
2020 Customer since

Schroders is a global asset manager known for delivering robust investment performance. With over 200 years of operation, the firm has an extensive history across asset classes and currently manages over £726.1 billion (€846.1 billion/$923.1 billion) * of wealth and investments. (*As at 30 June 2023).

The Schroders operations innovation team is tasked with driving innovation and transformation across the firm’s operations. The next step towards best-in-class operations and customer service involves expanding their automation capabilities and improving operational efficiencies, without removing control from their end-users. They wanted to empower their teams to process more transactions with greater speed and efficiency while minimizing the risk of errors.

A wholesale conversion of data management and workflows is challenging. To differentiate itself, Schroders needed a partner capable of handling high volumes, ingesting and transforming complex data, and doing all of this within its data governance and risk tolerance levels.


Reducing manual efforts and improving data integrity

Schroders' aim was to streamline its processing workflow by eliminating or simplifying repetitive manual tasks, without removing ownership of those tasks from the involved teams. A single, once-and-done approach to workflows doesn’t work – users require flexibility and control to accommodate the specific client, data, and workflow needs they’re working on. The goal was to access extraordinary power to transform data and create automated processes but with the ability to focus and fine-tune that power according to specific needs.

Managing the immense volume and complexity of data every day was dominated by manual processes, including "eyeball" checks. This led to an increased risk of errors, negatively affecting costs, customer satisfaction, and efficiencies.

For Asset Servicing, one challenge is the large number of PDF documents received monthly or quarterly containing vital information needed for dividend distribution payments. Extracting data from PDFs is traditionally tedious and manual, requiring each document to be individually opened, the relevant information identified, and the data manually transferred into operations systems. The importance of accurate and timely distribution of dividends was not matched by the efficiency and accuracy of the data management and workflow process.

Schroders sought a solution that would eliminate this level of manual processes, while also mitigating any data integrity risks. Data needed to be captured from multiple file types and channels, but also validated to ensure its accuracy and integrity. This all had to occur under the highest level of data governance and regulatory standards, while still keeping the power of the process in the hands of the users.

Pain points


Onboarding funds required reworking the previous administrator’s data, relying on Excel formulas, v-lookups and mappings.


There were high levels of keying errors because of the amount of manual intervention.


A strong reliance on specialists and contractors to get them through the onboarding process.


High cost to run and maintain each process, which was a sunk cost each time.


Power, precision, and control with Xceptor

Schroders saw an opportunity to onboard Xceptor and leverage its End User Computing (EUC) solution. The platform would enhance their automation capabilities and improve operational efficiencies, and do so in a way that would decentralize usage to the end-users.

The unstructured nature of the data involved, taken from multiple sources, meant the solution had to be able to capture the right data, no matter the file type or channel. Built-in validation of the data to ensure data integrity, fully auditable, and transparent, was also key.

Xceptor offers an ideal combination: powerful automation capabilities that can streamline data processing across the firm’s operations on one hand, and high levels of configurability so that users across the business can directly harness the benefits and power of the platform without needing to wait for centralized configuration on the other.  

By implementing Xceptor, it was quickly scaled for operational use, with extensive configuration control and customization of solutions and use cases. Specific data types are targeted, at scale, with consistent data extracted to internal spreadsheets. This ensures the quality and robustness of the data in a high-volume environment. 


Take control of all your inbound and outbound confirmations processes in a single workflow.


Ingest data, produce documentation, escalate risks, and manage the indexing and return of confirmations in one standardised workflow across your entire business.


Integrate all trade booking platforms, market utilities and resolution portals.

A market leader in confirmations processing, Xceptor is trusted by some of the largest global financial institutions.


Faster, more accurate processes with high levels of data governance

Data is now seamlessly captured across file types and channels. The workload for teams, particularly in the context of reviewing and transforming data from PDF documents, has decreased significantly. This has opened the door for onboarding more data ingestion and workflows to the Xceptor platform.

Data integrity risks have been substantially reduced due to Xceptor features that validate the data capture. Data management is not only meeting baseline data governance protocols but has also improved on them.

Overall, the processing of documentation is now more efficient and more accurate, requires fewer manual touchpoints, and reduces the need for manual handling. Operations teams have streamlined their processes, improved processing times, and improved data accuracy. They’re processing more transactions, with greater speed and efficiency, while simultaneously reducing the risk of errors. 



The initial phases we entrusted to Xceptor comprised of critical business functions which the platform handled exceptionally well. By consolidating all other various applications into Xceptor, we have radically transformed how we process and automate data.

Peter Hilborne
Chief Operating Officer, Operations


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