Client Stories

Getting more value from RPAs


Plan to automate 6,000 back-office processes

Our client had identified 6,000 non-strategic back-office processes that it considered suitable for robotic process automation (RPA). In common with many other institutions, the client planned to replace a good proportion of existing offshore jobs with robots to save money and help transform its business.


Bots could not access data for all processes

While the bank had identified the right kinds of processes – labour-intensive ones requiring many employees that involved repetitive, rules-driven work – the bots were only able to access the data in around 1,000 processes. The RPA worked best when handling structured data and simple tasks.


Any type of data in any format — easily captured

All data in the 6,000 processes is now accessible to produce real-time consolidated reports, exception work queues and dashboards. These are automatically distributed to users. Data transformation enabled the capture of both internal and external data, including from the robots. The data transformation also meant a proportion of the 6,000 processes no longer needed to be processed by bots and instead remain with Xceptor.