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White paper > T+1

Data automation: the workflow efficiency game-changer

New Coalition Greenwich report highlights the urgent need for tech and automation in capital markets.

White paper > Center of Excellence

Setting up a Center of Excellence

Read the whitepaper to unlock your potential with an Xceptor Center of Excellence.

Success stories > Confirmations

Automating the trade confirmation process

Discover how a global bank's successful, rapid automation of its trade confirmations process led to further rollout to another division.

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Leveraging Gen AI and Document Intelligence in Financial Services Operations 

Join us for this session with Coalition Greenwich as we discuss the immense potential of these technologies, particularly for operations teams within ...


Webinar Panel: Women's Impact in Technology within Financial Services

In honor of International Women's Month, we invite you to watch our special panel discussion focused on Women's Impact in Technology within Financial ...


Surviving the T+1 deadline: a guide to efficient data and automation

This session will delve into strategies for improving trade lifecycle efficiency, managing vast data volumes, and implementing process automation effe...


Tax Document Management and Tax Relief at Source

Watch our video for a high level overview and demonstration of two modules from the Tax Processing Solution


Xceptor Tax Platform modules

This short video is designed to introduce you to Xceptor Tax Processing and the seven modules that make up the product.


Xceptor's tax processing demo

This short demo is designed to provide an introduction to the Xceptor tax processing capabilities.


How to remediate your EUCs at scale

The webinar will discuss an approach to systematically and efficiently remediate EUCs, also known as EUD or EUDA, at scale while continuing to remain ...


Client outreach demo

This short demo will provide you with an introduction into the capabilities of Xceptor client outrech.


Assess your T+1 readiness

Register for Xceptor and Wipro's webinar to assess your T+1 readiness and accelerate your automation strategy


Streamline your tax operation like a pro

Is your tax processing getting out of hand?


Intelligent document processing

Take a closer look at how your organisation and your customers can benefit from end-to-end automation of semi-structured and unstructured documents.


Client onboarding automation for financial institutions

Discover how you can reduce the time it takes to onboard a new client and provide a better experience.


Automating the post-trade process

With new industry operating initiatives coming to fruition, learn how Xceptor works to solve these challenges, and simplify multi-asset class post-tra...


Managing client outreach in the financial industry

Register now to find out how to communicate to clients at scale and fast.


Unifying reconciliations with automation

Register for Xceptor's webinar to find out how you can automate simple to complex reconciliations in one single platform.


Employee trading compliance

Register for Xceptor's webinar to find out how you can automate the compliance process.


Xceptor swift support demo

SWIFT messages are pervasive in financial services processes and the ability to easily convert SWIFT messages into useful data inputs and get them out...


TEI of Xceptor Data Automation Platform

Register now to find out more about the Total Economic Impact™ (TEI) study of Xceptor.