Unlock your potential with an Xceptor Center of Excellence

Setting up a Center of Excellence

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Xceptor is a powerful data automation platform that solves myriad business challenges. It doesn’t require a high degree of user technical knowledge to improve your operational processes. Nevertheless, many users lack knowledge of the platform’s full capability to provide robust data and workflow governance.

An Xceptor Center of Excellence fills this knowledge gap by bringing together professionals who can share deep subject matter expertise to provide support, leadership, and strategy. With governance structures and best practices embedded, duplication is eliminated and important standards are grounded. And, with robust evaluation and monitoring, you ensure that best practices are captured and your return on investment can be measured.

Learn how to set up a Center of Excellence including:

Key components, scope, and structure
CircleWavyCheck Best practices and tips for success
CircleWavyCheck A suggested effective operating model
CircleWavyCheck Ways to measure your Center of Excellence's effectiveness
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