Optimize your workflows with our process and data automation platform

Bringing data and processes together helping you to automate complex business problems.

Optimize your workflows with our process and data automation platform

Bringing data and processes together helping you to automate complex business problems.

Solving over 3,000 business challenges

Our clients apply our platform to a variety of use cases. From post-trade efficiency and tax processing. To employee trade surveillance and end user computing/database remediation. And to protect their business, through risk management and regulatory compliance. 

Xceptor Platform Structure

Achieve operational excellence

Transform your business processes

Our focus is on bringing data and processes together, enabling you to confront your business challenges and optimize your company’s performance. Providing a competitive market edge.

Trusted by the world’s largest banks, our platform is highly configurable and elevates operational efficiency, enhancing critical business processes.

ISO 27001 certified. A platform you can trust.

120 Data sources
14 of 50 largest banks are clients
3000 Use cases

How we can help your business

Key benefits

Our platform enables business users to automate their data flows, trust their data, digitize their processes end-to-end, and improve interoperability.

Create smarter data flows

Optimize workflows and enable business users to automate complex processes effortlessly.

Extract, curate, validate data

Extract and transform data from any source, delivering trusted data downstream for processing.

Build applications

Solve repetitive interactions and avoid broken processes across your myriad business practices.

Link systems together

Easily interact with other systems for superior integration and faster business processing.

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Learn how we can solve your data automation and operational processing challenges.
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Our customers say


We knew Xceptor would make a difference and are really impressed by how much it has delivered. Xceptor is the perfect flexible data management solution to fit with our aim of delivering superior service using leading technologies.

CIO - US Bank

We are delighted to be working with Xceptor in enhancing our ability to detect fraud and provide an even more secure service for our customers.

Aisling Kane COO - Metro Bank

You can easily develop an application even if you do not have programming skill sets.

Director of Trade Operations and Services - Financial Services

We can now focus on growing our business pipeline and take on additional funds. Xceptor allows us to significantly reduce the time and risk inherent in the migration processes and take on more complex work.

Head of Securities Services Business Unit - HSBC

Using Xceptor has allowed Proxymity to easily review, standardize and process a myriad of differing data formats and content. This has helped us to minimize time to market and reduce in house technology resource requirements for processing new data sources, enabling us to stay focussed on delivering our core product propositions.

Jonathan Branagan Head of Customer Onboarding - Proxymity

We originally started this as a one-off project, but we quickly realized; if this is successfully reconciling documents from 15 years ago, why wouldn't we reconcile a document from today?

Global Head of Trade Validation - Leading European Investment Bank
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Our products

We have a range of industry leading products, built on the strength of our highly configurable data automation platform. These include Reconciliations, Confirmations, Client Onboarding, and Tax Processing.

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Helping financial institutions to automate simple to complex reconciliations end-to-end, providing greater data transparency, accuracy, and control.


Helping financial institutions to automate, consolidate, and control the issuance and matching of multi-asset confirmations in a single system.

Tax Processing

Helping financial intermediaries to stay on top of ever-growing tax processes, handling data driven requirements for operational taxes more efficiently.

Client Onboarding

Boost your ROI, guarantee compliance and minimize risks: discover how our platform can transform your client management and transaction workflow processes.

Xceptor Training
Xceptor Training
Develop your skills, build your career, and start automating with Xceptor training and certifications.

Industry focus

Our focussed approach to the financial industry

Understanding evolving market needs and constant regulatory change, we help financial institutions convert fragmented data into trusted, reliable sources.

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