End-to-end asset management automation solutions

Want to streamline complex business operational processes and gain greater control over your data? Our end-to-end asset management automation solutions empower you to achieve operational excellence and deliver faster, smarter, and more personalized outcomes.

How we leverage asset management automation to solve key industry challenges

Most challenges asset managers face are down to acquiring new customers quickly and efficiently. Adhering to regulation and finding ways to mitigate against inflation squeezing margins as operating costs rise. Data automation is key to solving these issues.

Managing unstructured data

Is increased data complexity proving a headache? Our data automation platform extracts and configures data from any source or channel to meet your needs.

Improving decision-

We simplify data management, consolidating structured and unstructured data to provide greater visibility to improve insights and decision-making.

Automating manual processes

Automating asset management processes is vital to stay competitive. Our unrivaled process digitization automates inefficient and error-prone activities to optimize operational efficiency.  

Easing regulatory

Xceptor’s asset management automation eases regulatory compliance concerns, reduces risks, and eliminates EUCs through data validation, reconciliation and robust audit trails.

Problem solving

A single automation platform to transform asset management processes

The possibilities for end-to-end asset management process automation are endless. Here are just some of the great industry problems we solve for our clients.

  • Client and fund onboarding
  • Data consolidation and configuration from multiple sources and formats
  • Frictionless fee reconciliation
  • End-user computing (EUC) remediation and eradication
  • Enhanced regulatory reporting and transparent audit trails

Head of Securities Services Business Unit


quoteWe can now focus on growing our business pipeline and take on additional funds. Xceptor allows us to significantly reduce the time and risk inherent in the migration processes and take on more complex work.

Explore our solutions

Our products provide financial services teams with the digital skills they need to succeed in the digitized world we now live in.
Used across the customer and trade lifecycle, our products enhance the most critical and complex processes for improved efficiency.
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Capital Markets Operations

Our capital markets operations product supports automation and modernization of your post-trade operational processes.

Tax Processing

Our tax processing product enables end-to-end, automated, operational withholding tax processing capabilities.


Helping financial institutions to automate simple to complex reconciliations to end-to-end, providing greater data transparency, accuracy, and control.

Client Onboarding
Client onboarding

Boost your ROI, guarantee compliance and minimize risks: discover how our platform can transform your client management and transaction workflow processes.

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Are you ready for T+1?

Hear from our industry experts about the hidden challenges of T+1 and find out how you can accelerate compliance.


Learn how Xceptor’s data automation is transforming other industries.

Beyond asset management automation, we’re driving change in other sectors. Discover how our innovative solutions are empowering companies in these industries. 

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