Improve processing and efficiency with our transformative tax solutions

Stay on top of tax processes and manage data driven requirements for operational tax efficiency.

Optimizing your tax workflows

Optimize your tax workflows

Global custodians face a myriad of complex challenges

Operational taxes are constantly subject to new, evolving, and complex regulations. Representing new risks for any financial intermediary wanting to remain competitive while offering tax services.

Safeguarding your business and responding to tax regulatory changes such as the European Commission’s FASTER Directive, and the German Modernization Act, requires a strong focus on accuracy, control, and risk management.

Intermediaries are expected to facilitate tax relief services for their customers and accurately handle trading data, and income generated from financial assets, in a timely and compliant approach.

Success depends on an ability to access reliable and trustworthy data and solutions that are enterprise grade, reliant, and scalable.

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Key benefits

In a single platform, we deliver end-to-end, automated, operational withholding tax processing capabilities,
providing you with a revenue stream and satisfied customers. 

Tax optimization

Manage intricacies and challenges of complex withholding tax requirements, transaction taxes, and tax reporting more efficiently.


Business expansion

Offer comprehensive tax relief services to more customers, expanding your revenue stream.


Simple configuration

Self configure new rules to reduce dependence on other teams.



Seamlessly integrate with your internal data sources and existing applications and centralize the management of your tax operation.


Regulatory compliance

Safeguard your business with a strong focus on control, risk management, and regulatory compliance.


Mathew Kathayanat
Head of Product - Asia Pacific for Securities Services

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Mathew Kathayanat

quoteProduct enhancements such as the automation of tax processes, which we will look to replicate in other markets, directly benefit our foreign institutional clients such as global custodians, sovereign wealth funds and asset managers by providing faster turnaround times and improved accuracy.

Tax areas we cover

Xceptor tax processing covers seven key areas of tax management.

Tax document management

Automated capture, production, renewal, and solicitation of all documentation required to achieve tax relief (via relief at source or tax reclaim).

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Tax relief at source

Process automation including collection, production, and submission of breakdown of holdings on omnibus accounts, tax elections, and withholding statements.

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Tax reclaim management

End-to-end tax reclaim processing, from income payment and reclaim opportunity capture to end payment reconciliation.

Tax rate determination

Tax information, calculations, documentation requirements, and other data supplied to output channels and upstream systems.

US tax reporting

Automated reporting process addressing specific requirements of US 1042-s and 1099 regulatory tax reporting and annual Internal Revenue Service submission.

Transaction tax

Rules management automates the process of capturing liable transactions, tax charge calculation, and reporting to clients, tax authority, or withholding agent.

Tax intelligence

Capture regulatory alerts and manage regulatory change through a structured workflow, including production and distribution of market updates to end clients.

Automated tax processing

Stay on top of tax and manage data driven requirements.

Across seven modules, our cutting-edge data processing technology reduces risk caused by inaccurate data and increases efficiency through a smarter workflow.


Featured insights and resources

Get our expert insights and resources to learn more about automating tax processes, data management and how we’re supporting financial services transformation.

Removing the risk from tax rate determination

Removing the risk from tax rate determination

Why you should prioritize providing a withholding tax relief at source service to your customers.

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Prioritizing tax relief at source

Why you should prioritize providing a withholding tax relief at source service to your customers.

The future of withholding tax

The future of withholding tax

Starting with an overview of the regulatory impact of WHT on emerging crypto assets, we then look at what the future might look like for WHT reclaims and how firms can flex to meet the demands of a modern WHT landscape.

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Industry focus

Our focussed approach to the financial industry

Understanding evolving market needs and constant regulatory change, we help financial institutions convert fragmented data into trusted, reliable sources.

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Our products

We have a range of industry leading products, built on the strength of our highly configurable data automation platform. 

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Capital Markets Operations

Our capital markets operations product supports automation and modernization of your post-trade operational processes.


Automate simple to complex reconciliations end-to-end, providing greater data transparency, accuracy, and control.

Client Onboarding

Boost your ROI, guarantee compliance and minimize risks: discover how our platform can transform your client management and transaction workflow processes.