Elevate efficiency in capital markets with financial process automation

Centralize and streamline post-trade operational processes for accurate and timely settlement.

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Supporting your post-trade processes

Supporting your post-trade processes

Our capital markets operations product contains five modules to support automation and modernization of your post-trade operational processes.

  • Account onboarding/opening - consolidate the relationship management, onboarding and account opening of customers.
  • Client outreach - automate customer communication, track incoming responses and reduce manual processing for market-led and scheduled actions.
  • Transaction management and settlement - automate transaction-led processes, such as trade capture, allocation and validation.
  • Confirmations - gain control of the issuance and matching of multi-asset confirmations.
  • Reconciliations - accelerate processing of simple to complex reconciliations end-to-end, for greater data transparency, accuracy, and control.
86% improvement in trade processing handling time
90% straight-through processing
6 months payback period

Key benefits

Expedite onboarding and account opening

Seize opportunities faster and comply with T+1 regulation.

onboarding and account opening

Rapid client outreach

Quickly react to market events requiring client outreach.

Rapid client outreach

Streamlined trade management and settlement

Speed up the capture and nurture critical trade information to orchestrate through the trade lifecycle.

Trade management and settlement

Confirmation efficiency

Simplify the issuance and exchange of trade confirmations, across all asset classes.


Reconciliation resolution

Accelerate your processes so that quickly solving exceptions becomes the norm.


Vice President
Global Trade Operations

quoteMy operations team previously had to review every single email and categorize them for further processing. They usually spend two to three days per month working overtime.

Improve post-trade efficiency
Improve post-trade efficiency - read the e-book to understand how to prepare adequately for T+1

Our solutions

End-to-end trade lifecycle and operational process management enables the rapid movement of high trade volumes and maximum straight through processing.


Automate simple to complex reconciliations end-to-end, providing greater data transparency, accuracy, and control.

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Consolidate and control the issuance and matching of multi-asset confirmations for regulatory compliance.

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Client outreach

Reform customer communication with automated document generation, distribution, and tracking.

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Client onboarding

Boost your ROI, guarantee compliance and minimize risks.

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Manage your challenges

Trade volumes

High volumes of trades, transactions and documents are processed by financial institutions daily, subject to exacting regulations. T+1 for US and Canadian securities trades will force increased automation and technology upgrades.


Trusted data

Unstructured data and inaccurate data matching leads to trade settlement delays and financial, operational, and regulatory risk.


Satisfied customers

Customer dissatisfaction associated with incorrect information or transaction processing delays can lose you business.

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Assess your T+1 readiness and accelerate your automation strategy
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Our capital markets experts will help you achieve greater efficiencies across the post-trade lifecycle.

Industry focus

Our focussed approach to the financial industry

Understanding evolving market needs and constant regulatory change, we help financial institutions convert fragmented data into trusted, reliable sources.

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We have a range of industry leading products, built on the strength of our highly configurable data automation platform.
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Tax Processing

Our tax processing product enables end-to-end, automated, operational withholding tax processing capabilities.


Helping financial institutions to automate simple to complex reconciliations end-to-end, providing greater data transparency, accuracy, and control.

Client Onboarding

Boost your ROI, guarantee compliance and minimize risks: discover how our platform can transform your client management and transaction workflow processes.

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