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Revolutionize your data management processes with Xceptor. Our solutions empower buy-side firms to handle data at scale, addressing rising volumes, complex client management, and the need for improved performance.

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Streamline your operations and stay ahead in today's dynamic financial landscape with our AI-driven data automation platform.

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Increase efficiency dropdown

Process and validate data swiftly and accurately, empowering better decision-making and analysis.

Enhance productivity dropdown

Optimize data management throughout your operations, including metadata and analysis.

Accelerate revenue generation dropdown

Leverage enhanced data automation across trade and client lifecycles to elevate service delivery.

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Guarantee traceability across data sources, transformation processes, and workflow integrations.

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Identify data discrepancies and expedite data integration for proactive analysis and action.

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Experience faster, more precise, and less manual data management and processing.

Optimize every step of the way

Client servicing

Client servicing Client onboarding: Simplify and accelerate the client onboarding process with automated workflows.
Client servicing TCA reporting: Generate transaction cost analysis reports efficiently and accurately to provide valuable insights.
Client servicing Trade allocations: automate trade allocation processes to ensure timely and accurate execution. 


Client servicing




Clearing: Automate the process of clearing transactions, ensuring timely and accurate settlement.


Trade settlement: Streamline trade settlement processes to reduce errors and delays.
Operations Collateral management: Automate collateral management to optimize asset allocation and reduce risk.


Operations Corporate actions: Automate corporate actions processing to ensure timely and accurate response to corporate events.
Operations Reconciliation: Automate reconciliation processes to quickly identify and resolve discrepancies.
Operations Reference Data Management: Automate the management of reference data to ensure consistency and accuracy across systems.
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Transforming credit and loan lifecycle management

Peter Hillborne
Chief Operating Officer, Operations


quoteThe initial phases we entrusted to Xceptor comprised of critical business functions which the platform handled exceptionally well. By consolidating all other various applications into Xceptor, we have radically transformed how we process and automate data."

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Transform your data management operations with Xceptor today

Transform your data management operations with Xceptor today.