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White paper > T+1

Data automation: the workflow efficiency game-changer

New Coalition Greenwich report highlights the urgent need for tech and automation in capital markets.

White paper > Center of Excellence

Setting up a Center of Excellence

Read the whitepaper to unlock your potential with an Xceptor Center of Excellence.

Success stories > Confirmations

Automating the trade confirmation process

Discover how a global bank's successful, rapid automation of its trade confirmations process led to further rollout to another division.

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Clarity needed on FASTER initiative

EU moves to simplify withholding tax must address the practical realities of dealing with 27 different authorities


Removing the pain from tax reclaim

The automated capture, production and management of tax reclaims have transformed the tax reclaim process from income payment to credit of reclaims.


Prioritizing tax relief at source

Why you should prioritize providing a withholding tax relief at source service to your customers.


Automating tax document management

In the first of our tax operations transformation series, we focus on automating tax documentation management to maximize tax relief at source.


The future of withholding tax

We look at what the future might look like for Withholding Tax reclaims and how firms can flex to meet the demands of a modern WHT landscape.


Navigating the intricate world of withholding tax

In the first instalment of our two-part on the world of withholding tax (WHT), we look at some of the key issues for WHT reclaims.


Change on the horizon for EU Withholding Taxes

For too long, a fragmented European Withholding Tax landscape has stifled cross-border investments while resource-intensive reclaim procedures have le...


Our tax clients and tax community are our best sources of intel

For more than a decade, Xceptor has been fortunate to sit at the heart of an engaged and active tax community.