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White paper > T+1

Data automation: the workflow efficiency game-changer

New Coalition Greenwich report highlights the urgent need for tech and automation in capital markets.

White paper > Center of Excellence

Setting up a Center of Excellence

Read the whitepaper to unlock your potential with an Xceptor Center of Excellence.

Success stories > Confirmations

Automating the trade confirmation process

Discover how a global bank's successful, rapid automation of its trade confirmations process led to further rollout to another division.

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The operations revolution continues – 4 key takeaways from FIA IDX

Here are our four takeaways, and a welcome update, that we took from the 3-day derivatives conference.


T+1 in the UK: ignore the clock

Now we know - T+1 is happening. What’s less clear, and where debate is raging, is whether the UK should align more closely with the US and implement ...


Data automation in 2024: 6 stats to know

As 2024 approaches, we wanted to understand the state of data automation in middle and back offices. Here are some interesting statistics we uncovered...


Unleashing the power of automation: redefining Capital Markets with data

Without data automation, Capital Markets firms will continue to deal with slow, inefficient processes and the never-ending remediation of errors due t...


Surviving the T+1 deadline: a guide to efficient data and automation

This session will delve into strategies for improving trade lifecycle efficiency, managing vast data volumes, and implementing process automation effe...

White papers

Data automation is the only solution to workflow efficiency

The new Coalition Greenwich report underscores the urgency for tech and automation in capital markets due to the 2024 deadline for T+1 settlement.

Client story

Agile GTR Recs

We are removing the need for mundane manual work while boosting high-value activities.

White papers

Take control of legacy system reconciliations

Reconciliation is an often overlooked and undervalued activity within financial services.

Client story

Automating daily trading positions

Learn how our client reduced their daily trading positions tracking from three hours to less than five minutes.


A strategic approach to tactical reconciliations

There will be times when business users require a tactical, efficient, and convenient reconciliation tool to solve a business need. EUCs respond quick...


The journey to T+1 settlement

John Bevil shares his thoughts on how technology can help businesses achieve their T+1 targets with A-Team Insight.


Sibos - Toronto - September 2023

Are you attending Sibos this year? Why not book a meeting with us to find out how Xceptor can automate your back office processes.


Time is of the essence for fund administrators as T+1 is rolled out around the world

We teamed up with Firstsource to launch a solution tailored specifically for fund admins who are facing the realities of T+1.


Problems remain around T+1 implementation

There are "no easy fixes" for many issues around T+1, according to speakers at Xceptor's 20th anniversary celebration event.

Roadmap to T+1 infographic

From May 28, 2024, US Securities and Exchange Commission will move from a two-day settlement cycle (T+2) to a one-day settlement cycle (T+1).


Improve post-trade efficiency

Read the e-book to understand what financial institutions can do to prepare adequately for T+1.


Are you in the T+1 slipstream?

Clients are reporting that T+1 is front and centre of their Spring workload and, for many, 2023 is the year of implementation and refinement.


Taking control of your reconciliations: data, aggregation, validation and enrichment

For any reconciliation to operate effectively it must be provided with readable and complete data.


Assess your T+1 readiness

Register for Xceptor and Wipro's webinar to assess your T+1 readiness and accelerate your automation strategy


Taking control of your Reconciliations: achieving greater efficiency

Reconciliation is essential to client satisfaction and data consistency, where multiple copies of the same trade data are maintained across firms.


T+1 gets closer every day. Are you ready?

We look at how firms can proactively ready themselves for the next transformational leap in processing and settlement cycles.


How T+1 will impact the confirmations process

For T+1 to make successful in-roads into a more robust and efficient post trade infrastructure, clear examination and a review of the confirmation pro...

Client story

Automating trade confirmations

How a leading global bank increased rates of straight through processing (STP) while reducing its risk and costs.


Accelerated account opening in a T+1 world

A major impact to capital markets infrastructures by moving to T+1 is the reduced time for remediating sub-optimal account onboarding and account and ...


Preparing for T+1: challenges and benefits of shortened settlement cycles

A global move towards T+1 settlements will likely create added benefits, if not examined at a strategic macro level, there could also be complications...