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White paper > T+1

Data automation: the workflow efficiency game-changer

New Coalition Greenwich report highlights the urgent need for tech and automation in capital markets.

White paper > Center of Excellence

Setting up a Center of Excellence

Read the whitepaper to unlock your potential with an Xceptor Center of Excellence.

Success stories > Confirmations

Automating the trade confirmation process

Discover how a global bank's successful, rapid automation of its trade confirmations process led to further rollout to another division.

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Client story

Schroders' implementation of intelligent data automation

Learn how Xceptor helped Schroders streamline their operations, achieve high data accuracy, and robust governance.

Client story

Agile GTR Recs

We are removing the need for mundane manual work while boosting high-value activities.

Client story

Automating daily trading positions

Learn how our client reduced their daily trading positions tracking from three hours to less than five minutes.

Client story

AI-powered email classification

How a leading bank successfully used natural language processing to automate its email review process.

Client story

Streamlining the onboarding of complex funds

Discover how a leading bank transformed its complicated fund onboarding process from an expensive burden to a significant business growth opportunity ...

Client story

Data management from multiple sources

Find out how a leading investment bank eliminated keying errors, reduced costs and established an audit trail to effectively manage its data.

Client story

Automating the trade confirmation process

How a global bank's successful, rapid automation of its trade confirmations process led to further rollout to another division.

Client story

Accelerate your reconciliations process

Find out how Xceptor accelerated a global investment bank’s reconciliations process by 50-75%.

Client story

Scaling payment fraud detection

How a global bank has successfully upped its game using AI to improve its fraud detection capabilities.

Client story

Automating client onboarding

How our client creates a positive customer experience through automated client onboarding.

Client story

Automating trade confirmations

How a leading global bank increased rates of straight through processing (STP) while reducing its risk and costs.

Client story

Harnessing the power of robotic process automation

How our client utilized RPAs to automation 6,000 back-office processes.