Megabuyte50 rankings: highest new entrant

Megabuyte Top 50 Highest New Entrant

Winning the overall Highest New Entrant in the 2017 Megabuyte50 rankings, Xceptor was last night presented with an Outstanding Performance Award.

Coming straight in at #3 out of 50, Xceptor was assessed against 7 growth-related KPIs as part of the Megabuyte Scorecard benchmarking methodology.

About the Megabuyte50 Awards

The megabuyte50 awards are an annual event and an independent ranking of the UK’s best-performing, privately-owned technology companies. Rankings are compiled using Megabuyte’s proprietary Megabuyte Scorecard methodology, which scores companies against seven key growth-related financial KPIs.

The rigour of Megabuyte Scorecard analysis, combined with a specific focus on pure-breed technology companies, have made the megabuyte50 awards the most influential benchmarking reference in the UK technology sector.

The megabuyte50 awards are one of three award series run by Megabuyte alongside the Megabuyte Quoted25 awards, which identify the UK’s best-performing quoted technology companies independently of share price performance, and the Megabuyte Emerging Stars awards which identify the UK’s best-performing technology scale-ups. Visit for further information.

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