Xceptor enters Megabuyte scorecard with Superior Rating

Xceptor enters Megabuyte scorecard with Superior Rating

Xceptor, the leading provider of process and data automation services for the financial sector, today announced that Megabuyte has issued a Company Brief, rating Xceptor as Superior.

The Superior rating reflects the early success of Xceptor’s strategic priorities, which include increasing penetration with existing clients, developing closer ties with partners, and expanding coverage geographically.

As banks seek to increase efficiency through large-scale digital transformation projects Xceptor performs a central role, collaborating with Robotic Process Automation (RPA) firms, focusing on capturing and normalising multiple sources of data, prior to RPAs automating keystrokes.

Xceptor’s investment in geographical expansion is showing early returns, with key contract wins from existing and new clients in North America and Asia.

Megabuyte commented on Xceptor’s financial position and strategy as follows –

“Revenue growth accelerated (at 57% to £10.4m), EBITDA margins expanded (to 43.5%), and strong operating cash flows were revealed for the first time.”

“Notable developments on its investment strategy included the increasing role of partnerships, such as the closer collaboration with RPAs, while increased recruitment in the US and Asia Pacific is helping support a more scalable framework for growth worldwide.”


Andrew Kouloumbrides, Chief Executive Officer of Xceptor, commented,

“I would like to thank Megabuyte for their analysis, and am encouraged that they are supportive of our strategy and see a growing demand for our services.”


The Xceptor platform is unique, capturing and enriching data in any format, from any source, which enables process automation to be applied across multiple data integration points. Clients benefit from increased compliance by removing human error, reduced costs through increased efficiency, and enhanced control by operational users.

To see a synopsis on Megabuyte’s report please visit megabuyte.com.

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