Streamline client outreach with our automated solutions

Reform customer communication with automated document generation, distribution, and tracking.

Empower your teams

Communicate at scale

Empower your operational teams to create fully auditable, complex, high value customer communication programs. Increasing your ability to communicate at scale.

Key benefits

Rapid response

Set up outreach initiatives in a matter of hours. Enabling you to promptly respond to sudden market or organizational events.


Fully auditable

Track responses in a fully audited manner. Automatically chase non responses, prompting customers to provide requested information, and escalate where required.


Streamlined process

Rapidly extract data from returned responses and distribute to downstream systems. Removing the need to re-key information, speeding up program completion and removing costly, manual entry mistakes.


Case management

Accelerate your case management with automated case creation which matches customer responses back to the case file.​ Track cases throughout the outreach lifecycle for improved productivity.​


Head of Client Outreach
Xceptor customer

quoteAs a non-technical team, we are now able to go from receiving a new outreach program request to contacting our entire client base in two hours."

How can Xceptor outreach tackle your challenges?

Operational teams responsible for customer communication face a barrage of requests and constantly evolving regulatory events. Additional challenges include:

Data volume dropdown

Customer outreach involves large data sets from multiple counterparties, making it difficult to identify which communications are required. Xceptor is highly scalable, processing large volumes of data at speed.

Regulatory compliance dropdown

We track and record proof of a fully auditable record of customer communications, in compliance with regulatory guidelines.​​ Compatible with any document repository.

Disconnected point solutions dropdown

Improve interoperability with our single platform that connects to other systems and removes the need for manual processing.​

Data transformation dropdown

Extract, curate, analyze and validate data across disparate non-structured data sets for complex business practices. Deliver trusted, clean data into correspondence for onward communication. ​

Speed to market dropdown

Respond quickly to market events and mandatory customer communications​, with rapid document generation and distribution.

Technical specifications

Scale up

Automate communication at scale with templated emails and email attachments.

React quickly

Set up new campaigns or outreach activities in hours.

Keep track

Track responses, integrate with document repositories and send automated reminders.

Full transparency

Get full transparency on the progress and status of your campaigns and outreach initiatives with management information dashboards.



Managing client outreach in the financial industry

Watch our webinar and find out how operating teams can quicky create automated outreach programs.

Industry focus

Our focussed approach to the financial industry

Understanding evolving market needs and constant regulatory change, we help financial institutions convert fragmented data into trusted, reliable sources.

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