Xceptor automatically captures data and provides workflow solutions for term sheets, trade details, confirmations, matching, settlement and reporting.


Confirmations Hub and Operations Hub are complementary software solutions, which together create an end-to-end trade lifecycle process, linking pre-trade processes (trade initiation, negotiation and term sheet generation) to post-trade processes (booking capture and confirmation, contract matching, settlement and regulatory reporting).

These workflow services increase operational efficiency and help banks comply with the regulations,  including Dodd–Frank, EMIR, and MIFID II.

  • Data capture allows trade details to be quickly matched between outgoing and incoming documents.
  • Document generation and barcode matching allows banks to more effectively manage complex counterparty relationships.
  • Workflow capabilities allow organisations to standardise processes across asset classes, geographies and departments.
  • Verification between initiation and confirmation processes ensures accuracy and accelerates completion of post-trade checks.
  • Xceptor is offered either as an end-to-end solution across pre- and post-trade, or used just for specific operational tasks.

Data which is aggregated as part of the post-trade process can be utilised to generate further actionable insights for the bank. For example, one client has re-purposed the data to check the accuracy of broker invoices against actual trading activity, and uses a real-time view of trading volumes to proactively select the most cost-effective broker for trades.

Confirmations Hub

Consolidated platform to handle post-processing of OTC asset classes.

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Operations Hub

Link multiple processes to provide a consolidated overview of all operational activities.

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Xceptor Data Hub

Remove manual intervention in the capture, processing and management of complex data requirements.

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Enabling The RPAs

Capture, validate and enrich data, before automatically sending it in the required format to an RPA robot.

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