Xceptor tax processing modules

This short video is designed to introduce you to Xceptor Tax Processing and the seven modules that make up the product.

The Xceptor Tax Processing product provides an end-to-end solution that assists in combating operation tax issues through automation and digitization.

Our product comprises of seven modules designed so that clients can pick and choose based on their needs. These include:
CircleWavyCheck Tax Document Management - automate the capture, production, renewal, and solicitation of all your tax documentation.
CircleWavyCheck Relief at Source - avoid unnecessary reclaims and slash internal losses.
CircleWavyCheck Tax Reclaim Management - automate document workflows, capture, produce, submit, and track tax reclaims through to end payment processing.
CircleWavyCheck Tax Rate Determination - eliminate internal breaks and produce accurate calculations and allocations, tax rate and document data, on demand.
CircleWavyCheck Capital Gains Tax - simplify and accelerate your Capital Gains Tax operations by automating the process end-to-end.
CircleWavyCheck US Tax Reporting - end-to-end process produces customer and IRS reports and tracks amended returns.
CircleWavyCheck Tax Intelligence - implement and track any changes to tax information, data and business processes with a fully-auditable change management workflow.
Xceptor Tax Processing modules

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