Outreach Solution


Client outreach is a critical activity for financial institutions. These activities are often complex, time consuming and frequently handled by spreadsheets, manual processes, and IT dependent point solutions. The Xceptor Outreach Solution provides financial institutions with a co-ordinated, centralised, or de-centralised model for all outreach.

The Solution significantly reduces the time taken to establish and resolve outreach activities - both cyclical and event-driven - through pre-configured distribution templates and business workflows. Xceptor seamlessly mitigates risks by tracking against SLAs and automatically chasing for non-respondents through configurable channels.

Outreach Solution Diagram

key features and benefits

Flexible rules engine for management of ingested data
Onboard any outreach using only configuration. Ensures any subsequent outreach is futureproofed as there's no need to rebuild from scratch each time.

No-code, easy to use interface
Set up time can be achieved in under an hour enabling regulatory deadlines to be met ahead of schedule.

Compatible with all existing in-house systems
All outreach data can be ingested regardless of where it resides. The Solution can be configured as the repository if data is not held in an upstream system.

Configuration owned by the business
Gives business users full ownership of each new outreach setup without needing to involve IT or raise budget requests.

Process analytics
Provides full visibility to management to better understand how their teams and clients are performing, enabling them to make changes to team structure or outreach language to improve completion timelines.

Ingest any data or document, in any format
Improved speed and reduced manual processes. Ensures flexibility as the Solution can handle any and every outreach.