Xceptor Confirmations

Automate, consolidate, and control the issuance and matching of multi-asset confirmations in a single product.

Optimize your workflow

Streamline your confirmations process

Xceptor confirmations provides an unrivalled and optimized workflow for the accurate, rapid, affirmation, delivery and exchange of trade information.

Key benefits

Regulatory compliance

Automate confirmation delivery and return on T+0 to allow time for amendments, and compliance with T+1.


Risk exposure management

Bring all asset classes together, removing silos, enabling consistent processing with consolidated views to manage exposures.


Manage by exception

Transform the entire confirmations process across your enterprise to manage by exception only, removing manual remediation, with end-to-end automation.


Rapid break resolution

Enhance dispute management with rapid resolution capabilities of automatically identified breaks.


Improved processing

Achieve 90%+ straight-through processing across all asset classes, including commodities, rates, credit, foreign exchange, money markets and derivatives.


Head of Confirmations

ICBC Standard Bank-1-1-1

quoteUsing Xceptor we’ve been able to streamline our trade confirmations process, taking cost out of the business and establishing better control over our derivatives operations. The original project was completed in just a few short months creating a real value-add for Standard Bank’s international business and we have subsequently rolled our Xceptor to our South African operation.

Challenges ahead

Manual processing causes delays. Siloed processes reduce visibility. A lack of interoperability impacts business processes, and resolving disputes is lengthy, creating risk.

T+1 regulation dropdown

Impacting US and Canadian securities trades, T+1 settlement will be an upheaval to most confirmations' teams. Especially those products which traditionally sit around the edges of automation, where standardization has yet to be adopted, and where automated market infrastructures have yet to materialise.

Settlement efficiency dropdown

The issuance and matching of confirmations is time consuming, resulting in settlement delays and increased risks to your company.

Enhanced visibility dropdown

Multiple asset centric silos harvest inefficient working practices, often requiring manual intervention.

Solving disputes dropdown

A lack of transparency and audit history for matching confirmations and managing disputes can lead to increased risk and reputational damage.

Technical specification

Take control of your confirmation processes.

Trade affirmations and confirmations

Match PDF and SWIFT counterparty affirmations and confirmations to your internal trade representation across asset classes. All ISO15022 and ISO20022 messages, scanned PDFs and emails are supported.

Enhanced matching

Achieve higher match rates by leveraging flexible match rule types such as mapping based rules and tolerances. Continuously improve match rates by adding new or modifying existing rules as part of the workflow.

Document generation

Automate your outbound affirmations and confirmations process by generating documents and sending these out to counterparties through multiple channels.


Streamline connectivity and benefit from a single point of reference for systems such as Murex, Adenza, Finastra and Summit, post trade platforms including MarkitSERV, OSTRA, SWIFT, CLS and more.

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