Xceptor and Taskize integration overview

Boost operational efficiency and lower risks and costs for affirmation settlement.


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With the Taskize and Xceptor integration, you can resolve exceptions faster and more efficiently at the click of a button.

Within the Xceptor affirmation and confirmation product, clients can enhance their customer’s experience by connecting seamlessly to Taskize, a secure collaboration and workflow platform designed for resolving exceptions.

Confirmations and affirmations are seamlessly directed to the appropriate individual at the counterparty for resolution through Taskize, eliminating the need for manual data copying that could jeopardize information security.

Taskize empowers users to prioritize their tasks efficiently and offers a transparent overview of issues and progress whilst also providing a fully auditable workflow to determine root cause analysis and enhance efficiencies. You are kept up to date with the status of your confirmations in real time, providing greater clarity and accuracy of your risk.

Resolve issues faster

Quickly find and engage the right person in the right team, without having to revert to email, phone, or fax.

Secure and efficient workflow

Key information is automatically pre-populated into Taskize Bubbles, removing risks around manually copying of information from one system to another. You’ll remain in Xceptor, where your confirmations reside in your workflow, resulting in accurate and rapid affirmation, delivery and exchange of trade data. Your customers will use Taskize as a secure and efficient way of collaborating with you.

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Get actionable insights

All interactions are recorded in Xceptor and Taskize providing a complete audit trail. Service levels, performance activity, response and resolution times are also tracked.


Drive more traffic to your business, reduce costs and risk, and confirm trades even where there is no common data structure.

Faster resolution time

Improved client experience

Less manual input

Fewer risks and errors

Secure and auditable delivery channel

Reduce volume of emails, phones and fax messages

Avoid re-keying data

More accurate management information reporting

One platform to consolidate and control the issuance and matching of multi-asset confirmations

Communications are recorded in both platforms for easy viewing of the latest updates and for auditing

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