Xceptor now available via Microsoft Azure Marketplace

Xceptor now available via Microsoft Azure Marketplace

Xceptor, the intelligent automation platform for financial markets, today announced the availability of its platform via the Microsoft Azure Marketplace.

As part of the Azure Marketplace, clients, partners, and prospects can quickly identify Xceptor solutions and services to meet their data automation needs, with a streamlined procurement and payment process built in.

With a focus on flexibility and customization, Xceptor offers its clients and prospects the option to either select pre-packaged solutions or collaborate on tailored options. Chosen solutions are then seamlessly integrated by Xceptor.

Following integration, Xceptor's swift onboarding process kicks in, promising a quick return on investment for clients who need their data to be ingested, standardized, normalized, and validated before it becomes trusted and ready for workflows.

"Joining forces with the Microsoft Azure Marketplace brings us closer to our clients who seek convenient, accessible tools to manage their intricate data management and automation needs. We're thrilled to offer this platform which simplifies the purchasing process and expedites onboarding,"

said Josh Monroe, Chief Revenue Officer at Xceptor.