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Handling changes to standard data formats

Portfolio growth meant US Bank was struggling to handle non-standard data formats


Managing multiple data formats

Fund administrator US Bank’s operations team had an existing process to handle incoming data from clients and third parties - if it was in a standard format. Any change to the standard data format had to be dealt with manually or with further programming, which was complicated and time-consuming.

  • Growth of portfolio increased the number and complexity of data handling requirements, increasing time taken to monitor and handle data inputs
  • No method available to capture data in PDFs from clients, increasing manual rekeying and errors
  • Complicated programming of systems to accommodate new formats and data components
  • The cost and complexity of onboarding new clients limited business growth


Automated data handling in multiple formats

Xceptor was implemented to provide the flexibility and control that US Bank needed to manage this critical business area. Xceptor is now used to automate all incoming data requirements.

  • All fund expenses are automatically collected, calculated, validated from multiple formats, including PDF and email, and passed straight through to the finance system
  • Operational team is in charge of creating new data formats and types for new funds, enhancing business responsiveness
  • Wide variety and complexity of data is processed with no additional headcount, whilst employees spend their time on exception management
  • US Bank also uses the logs and audit function which provides them with the assurance of accurate data handling


New business without overheads - Ability to take on new business without additional overhead

Eradication of manual errors - Improved error rates: no costly manual errors that have to be rectified

Reduced costs - Reduced costs from the removal of manual intervention and replacement with automated processes

Governance - Increased governance and audit capabilities for management team

We knew Xceptor would make a difference and are really impressed by how much it has delivered. Xceptor is the perfect flexible data management solution to fit with our aim of delivering superior service using leading technologies.

CIO, US Bank

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