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Managing lots of data from lots of sources

How BNY Mellon eliminated keying errors, reduced costs and established an audit trail to effectively manage its data


Manually intensive data collection

Back and middle office processes at BNY Mellon involves dealing with data from hundreds of brokers and vendors. The volume of incoming data, using multiple channels and formats, caused administrative problems:

  • Dealing with each broker or vendor involved constantly reviewing emails, keying data received into Excel and then loading it into the department’s upstream system
  • Multiple data formats were rekeyed into systems, resulting in errors and operational risk
  • Between 10 and 15 staff were employed to upload data, impacting profit and scalability


An automated process managed by the business

Xceptor was chosen by BNY Mellon as it was the most flexible tool available and had significant capacity. Designed to be set up and managed by business teams, BNY Mellon back and middle office teams now define and change data rules themselves without reliance on IT:

  • Data is automatically collected and enriched from multiple input formats
  • Emails are automatically monitored, relevant data extracted, checked and transformed. A standard output is produced in a centralised format, along with volume and processing statistics
  • The entire process has an audit trail


Reduced headcount - Reduced costs through headcount reduction – operational team can concentrate on value-add tasks, rather than data input

Reduced operational risk - Operational risk mitigated with keying errors reduced to zero

Audit trail - An audit trail has been established for the whole process

Single view - Management team has access to more detailed, accurate and timely data with one complete view of the operational landscape

Xceptor is working extremely well for BNY Mellon, meeting all its targets in a very short timeframe. Xceptor is very helpful to work with and continues to be one of our best vendors from both a support and product point of view. Xceptor is now used for more than ten applications with over 100 users.

Head of Asset Servicing Technology & Chief Operations Officer
Bank of New York Mellon


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