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Automating Trade Confirmations


Manual intervention creating op risk

Trade confirmations is a crucial, complicated process and firms often, as with our client, overly rely on manual workarounds. Typically the needs, timeliness and complications of the process move on but existing systems are unable to keep pace. Operational risk in then introduced as inconsistencies in the process grow, oversight is problematic and regulatory requirements are not met.


Different asset classes in different formats

With so many asset classes needing to be settled from rates, credit, FX, energy derivatives to equity derivatives, lots of different systems were being used. In turn, this led to low rates of STP for certain classes as manual intervention was required. A single solution was required to handle all asset classes.


Automating the complex

Xceptor was deployed to automate the trade confirmations process across multi-asset classes. Putting the process in the hand of the experts, the operational users, the team was able to implement the rollouts and the rules needed as well as continually improving the process by refining rules on an ongoing basis without the need for IT. Our client also has better control with audit and tracking functions reducing risk and cost for the business.


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