Deploying AI

Meeting the 'AI-enabled enterprise' challenge

One of the biggest challenges our clients face when transforming operations is understanding when and where to best deploy AI.

By taking a data-first approach to digitising a business, we help clients redefine their processes, not just replicate them. This then enables us to understand which automation technology within Xceptor is best deployed, when. We understand that some automation functionality serves structured data better than unstructured data. We understand that clients need to automate more than simple tasks, that true ROI sits with automating complex processes. And with a full suite from AI to simple rules native to the Xceptor solution, we don't have to choose one over another.

Our clients also have incumbent technologies and, with a flexible solution that can also extend the life or straddle existing technologies, we are working with clients to use RPA, NLP, machine learning and other artificial intelligence technologies where they are best used.

This is why Xceptor is at the forefront of helping clients change the rules of what’s possible in today’s operations.