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Streamlining onboarding processes


Repeat requests, repetitive tasks

New clients are subjected to lots of repetitive, time consuming requests which results in a negative customer experience. Handling of the onboarding is largely done through manual paper-based processes that carry a high risk of data error.


Connecting multiple data points across multiple teams

Onboarding requires lots of data points, in multiple formats. Data needs change according to the type of accounts being opened. It also involved multiple team, disparate systems across the entire business. Each of these teams holds the data in different ways and in different formats.


Connecting the right data, in the right format, at the right time

Data is automatically captured and transformed, and processes have been overhauled and optimised. Reference data now determines workflow of the onboarding process as well as what documents are required. Intelligent automation means inline data validation provides immediate feedback to clients on any issues.

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