Xceptor Training

Develop your skills, build your career, and stART AUTOMATING WITH Xceptor TRAINING AND certificationS

Start your Xceptor journey with the Xceptor Academy - our interactive training hub developed exclusively for our clients and partners. 

Packed with hands on exercises, our programmes allow you to learn how to use the platform to build common end-to-end use- cases, speeding up your journey to becoming a proficient Xceptor user.

Foundation and Practitioner learning paths help citizen developers and centres of excellence develop key digital skills.  

Practice training activities with the Xceptor sandbox - work your way from entry level to advanced. 

(* clients and partners only)

Benefit from our blended Enablement Programmes

Blend our Xceptor Academy with coaching from Xceptor experts. Bring hands on use case development into the learning experience.

Programmes are available for operational teams and centres of excellence.

The Xceptor Academy helps you strengthen your professional credentials, while supporting your business as it takes charge of its own data automation. 

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Who can register for the Xceptor Academy? 

Our clients and partners have unlimited access to the Xceptor Academy and can self-register for training via Xceptor Connect.

Is the Xceptor Academy training suitable for citizen developers and operations teams? 

Yes, our core training is developed with the citizen developer in mind and guides learners step-by-step through the core Xceptor platform.  

Does Xceptor offer a programme for developing a centre of excellence? 

We work with clients and partners to develop their centres of excellence via a blended programme. This combines the Xceptor Academy with a coaching and knowledge sharing programme. This enables centres of excellence to build their Xceptor skills, knowledge and experience. Clients and partners can integrate Xceptor Connect and Academy learning into their centres of excellence to facilitate wider adoption and learning at scale. 

What training courses are available from the Xceptor Academy? 

New content is frequently being developed and added

Xceptor configuration training  

A series of modules helping learners learn how to use the main product components.  The configuration training takes learners step-by-step through the functionality in the context of common use cases. 

Configuration training is supported by our innovative self-assessment tool, a virtual coaching and mentoring toolkit, designed to help learners test themselves on an end-to-end use case configuration.

Practical Use Case Exercises 

Test your skills and further your development with practical use case challenges. Learners receive a set of business requirements and sample data to have a go at developing use cases.


Xceptor’s certifications are widely recognised across professional social channels as learners showcase their achievements. Current certification includes:

  • Core Configuration Foundation Certification – for citizen developers
  • Core Configuration Practitioner Certification – for advanced users (available soon)
  • Advanced Practitioner and Expert level certification - exclusively for our partners.

Xceptor certificates are valid for two years.

New certification levels are under development and will be available soon.