“A well designed digitisation programme can deliver up to 65% in cost reduction and a 90% reduction in turnaround time in insurance processes,” according to the Harvard Business Review. The time for intelligent automation is now.

The insurance sector is already embracing change and intelligent automation offers the opportunity to keep pace with evolving customer demands.

We can help with automating simple tasks with structured data through to more complex processes with unstructured data. Identifying the right automation technologies for the right tasks and process is essential to scaling automation programmes.



• Reduction of rekeying error through the automation of existing manual processes

• Mitigating operational risk by replacing end user developed spreadsheet tools

• Capture of any data format from multiple sources into a single environment

• Simplifying exception handling workflows so humans and automated processes do what they do best

• Automation of daily bank reconciliations

• Identify policy premium discrepancies and reconcile where required