Two of the largest, and highest performing, global commodities traders, BP and Glencore, use Xceptor to manage their global trading activities. By embracing intelligent automation, we enable firms to create adaptive and efficient operational solutions that match their trading approach.

At a crossroads, commodities trading firms are rethinking their operations as digital challenges traditional competitive advantages.

By increasing the internal efficiency of processes, enabling scalability and driving performance improvement, we intelligently connect the right data, in the right format, at the right time.



• End-to-end automation of the confirmations process

• Replacement programmes of tactical EUDs to reduce operational risk and ensure an audit trail

• Automatically capture and access the explosion of new data types

• Provide a comprehensive view of both historic and current trading data enabling performance analysis

• Creating and integrating workflow processes to apply a consistent approach to BAU activities

• Standardised and automated regulatory reporting

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