Capital Markets

Capital Markets firms have led the charge in automation. While the revolution has started, the era of intelligent automation is only just beginning.

Operating in a fast-paced environment, firms are looking for an ecosystem of technologies to drive efficiencies and improve customer experience.

This is requiring them to take a step back and put data at the heart of intelligent automation. Processes, from the simple to the complex, need to be overhauled and optimised. This is enabling smarter automation to effect broader change.



• Automation of time-sensitive margin calls and settlements

• Capture and transformation of data from multiple sources such as Pdfs, emails and spreadsheets

• Regulatory reporting and post-reporting reconciliations

• Programmes of EUD eradication and creation of transparent audit trails

• OTC and FX term sheet and confirmations generation and auto matching

• Netting, settlements and payments across all asset classes

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