Capital Markets

Capital Markets has led the charge with many opportunities across operations ready to benefit from process automation

Capital markets is a fast-paced environment with complex processes that have both repetitive tasks and activities that require human judgement. By focussing on the data, processes can be rewired to significantly improve automation levels, increase efficiency and reduce costs.

EUC remediation for capital markets

From one-off recs to nav calculations, Xceptor automates processes end-to-end, eliminating the need for EUCs, bringing everything into one platform for full oversight and a robust audit trail.


Regulatory reporting and reconciliation between internal systems or with external markets.

Data ingestion and transformation from multiple sources such as pdfs, emails and spreadsheets.

Time-sensitive processes such as margin calls and settlements.

OTC and FX term sheet and confirmations generation and auto matching.

Decision-based communications such as SSI/netting emails.