Tax Solution

The Xceptor Tax Solution automates the end-to-end withholding tax process, including automation of tax documentation workflows, accurate tax rate determination and an optimised withholding tax relief and reclaim process.

The Solution can also be used for Transaction Taxes Management, including CGT tax calculation and payment, and to automate and manage the end-to-end IRS and TRACE regulatory reporting processes.

key features

Capture data in any format allowing transactional and reference data to be fed in from a wide range of internal and external sources.

Automated storage and management of documentation including onboarding, Relief at Source, reclaim, and supporting documents.

Investment positions taken throughout the day quickly determining if a customer is eligible for RAS and initiating documentation requests.

Keps pace with regulatory change active development against industry trends and TRACE automation.

No-code and highly configurable enabling users to define the rules with which the organisation’s processes can be managed.

Full audit trail every action is tracked within the Solution.

Key Benefits

Proven, 5 out of the top 10 Global Custodians trust Xceptor to cover the main back-office processes in their custody tax operations.

One single solution for all your tax processing activities.

Increased operational efficiency, improved accuracy and timeliness of income event deductions and reclaims.

Greater efficiency of RAS, quickly identify if the customer is eligible for RAS avoiding the lengthier and more costly tax reclaim process.

Improved customer experience offer customers a broader and more competitive tax service offering and achieving RAS where possible.

Provide transparency, extend the scope of services provided to look-through vehicles and omnibus accounts.

Increased speed and accuracy.

Ability to handle increased volumes.


Built on the foundations and strengths of the core Xceptor platform, the Solution comprises five core components covering the main back-office processes in a custody tax operation.

Deploy the components independently or collectively, offering full flexibility to meet your operational needs.

Tax Solution Diagram


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