Reconciliation Solution

Unify and accelerate your entire reconciliation process with one single platform

The quality and availability of the right data is key to a smooth reconciliation process. The Xceptor Reconciliation Solution makes it easy to take control of your data, ensuring its right from the outset, and pave the way for frictionless reconciliations.

Our Reconciliation Solution automates simple to complex reconciliations in a single platform, end-to-end. The powerful data engine ingests and transforms any data and document type in readiness for reconciliation – quickly identifying exceptions for rapid remediation. Once the reconciliation is complete, the output can be shared with any internal or external system.

The Solution eliminates the need for multiple, disparate systems, resulting in reduced costs and a faster reconciliation process.

As a no-code solution, it is easy to use, and simple for end-users to configure, removing dependency on IT.

key features

Powerful data engine – ingest and transform any data and document type ahead of reconciliation.

Rapid set up – drag and drop data sets to build reconciliation framework.

Business logic – automate processes to cleanse, enrich and validate source data.

Rules based matching – apply matching and comparison rules.

Multiway matching – one-to-one, one-to-many, many-to-one, many-to-many included as standard.

Business and exception workflow – receive notifications to quickly identify exceptions for remediation and monitor risk exposure through aged analysis and prioritisation.

Data distribution – share output with any internal or external system.

Reporting – easily configure custom reports without the need for IT support or advanced technical skills.

Intuitive dashboards – view key risks and track and monitor remediation steps.

Flexible deployment – available as SaaS or on-premise. 

Key Benefits

Streamlined processes – ingesting and preparing the data upfront leads to faster reconciliations.

Comprehensive coverage – all data, even unstructured data, can be reconciled.

No-code – end-user configurable, reduced reliance on technical resources.

Wide range of reconciliation styles – including rolling, snapshot and throw-away.

Reduced time spent on set-up and maintenance – cut time to map, add new products and file formats.

De-risk – through fully integrated exception management.

Full audit trail – all actions tracked and logged within the platform.

Reconcliation Solution Diagram


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Forrester’s TEI study found that Xceptor can deliver £1.5m in trade reconciliation efficiency, 30% improvement in trade reconciliation handling time and £624K in legacy tool cost savings.