Digital transformation of processes

Rapid advances in technology are driving improvements in operational performance through the digitisation of processes that were previously manually intensive and paper-based. Xceptor Operations Hub provides financial organisations with a flexible platform that sits at the heart of their digital transformation programmes.

Operations Hub enables end-to-end management of processes, supporting the production, review and dispatch of documents; inbound matching of items received from counterparties; and improved handling capacity.

Operations Hub allows users to create and manage their own workflows, retaining full control over the full lifecycle of their operational processes. Operations Hub is flexible enough to handle processes that encompass digital workflows, physical paper-based workflows, or a combination of the two, with ease. Strong integration capabilities mean that it can consolidate multiple systems and processes into one platform, aggregating data onto a single consolidated dashboard, and allowing organisations to retire and replace existing systems.

Operations Hub:

  • Generates and distributes electronic or paper versions of documents required by operational processes, either within Xceptor or via third party applications
  • Manages and audits documents, using either its internal document storage engine or offsetting/integrating with existing technologies, such as SharePoint or Documentum
  • Creating and integrating workflow processes to apply a consistent approach to business as usual activities across the back and middle office
  • Provides a comprehensive view of both historic and current trading data, providing capabilities to analyse performance, and assuring continuing access to data