Organisations rarely achieve STP in OTC confirmations due to the lack of integrated systems, poorly defined workflows and reliance on paper-based processes to produce confirmation documents.

The volume and breadth of front office asset class trading has meant middle and back office operations have struggled to deliver a centralised and automated confirmations service. Achieving STP across multiple trading systems, several geographic locations and within an increasingly regulated environment, is a colossal challenge.

Xceptor has been configured to deliver a fully customisable asset class agnostic end-to-end trade confirmations solution, connecting to all major front-end booking systems, channels and trade repositories. It can be applied to electronic and paper based trades and across all asset classes including FX, credit, rates, equity derivatives and commodities trading, such as physical oil and gas trades.

Xceptor captures booked trades, manages workflow through validation and approvals, processes and matches inbound documents, generates outbound confirmations documents, before pushing a confirmation through a status workflow for settlement.

All aspects of the confirmations process are automated and tracked providing a complete audit trail of each trade’s confirmation history. This includes any responses to trade events which modify or remove captured trades, such as full and partial novations, reversals, economic and non-economic amendments.

For more information, please see our Confirmations Hub Brochure.


Confirmation Hub – Benefits

Xceptor’s Confirmations configuration allows organisations to:

  • Connect to all major front-end Booking and Trade Capture systems including Murex, Summit and Calypso
  • Integrate with all channels necessary to complete the confirmation, including EFET, ICE, Markit, email and fax
  • Automate document production – data captured can be passed directly into user developed templates to produce a wide range of documents based on the most complex contract scenarios
  • Apply automated secure workflow including maker/checker, status management and chaser functionality
  • Register trades with Counterparties and Trade Repositories/Swap Data Repositories, including CME and DTCC
  • Provide extensive dashboard based overviews of status through the confirmation lifecycle
  • Produce reports to satisfy regulatory frameworks such as those set out in EMIR, Dodd-Frank and the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS)