Xceptor eliminates manual intervention in the capture, processing and validation of external data feeds, including pricing.


Xceptor supports the core activities of a fund administrator, including position analysis, NAV calculations, invoice management and fund migration.

Xceptor was initially designed to address the common issues faced by fund administrators, specifically relating to data onboarding requirements and having no control over the format and type of data that is sent to the administrator.

Xceptor ingests data without having to manually re-key or maintain that data. It is highly versatile, meaning the same platform can be used across multiple functions.

Xceptor improves control during a fund migration process, creating a standardised process which reduces the risk of error and the reliance on specialist skillsets.

Xceptor is used to automate multiple fund accounting activities (e.g. pricing), allowing administrators to reduce FTE costs whilst increasing STP and compliance.

Xceptor Data Hub

Remove manual intervention in the capture, processing and management of complex data requirements.

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Maitland uses Xceptor Data Hub to automate pricing data collection.

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HSBC Securities Services uses Xceptor Data Hub to migrate complex funds and grow business operations.

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Enabling The RPAs

Capture, validate and enrich data, before automatically sending it in the required format to an RPA robot.

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