Even with the advent of blockchain, machine learning and artificial intelligence, automation remains the technology that continues to revolutionise the financial industry.

Emilia David recently published an interesting article for Waters Technology, which looks at the importance of automation and its significant impact on the financial industry.

Blockchain and AI may be getting the column inches, but automation still has the greatest potential. Firms may have elements of automation already deployed throughout their technology stack, but there is still a significant amount of room to evolve.

Emilia’s article looks at a recent report, which surveyed 1,000 buy-side and sell-side firms, which showed a strong demand for further trade automation, better data management and digitisation.

The findings note that 59 percent of surveyed buy-side firms anticipate highly automated trade execution in the next three years, while 53 percent of sell-side firms are planning to meet that demand.

And automation is not just confined to trading, but the whole trade life-cycle, including middle- and back-office processing.

Despite the multi-year push for STP by financial institutions, there is still a huge demand for automation that minimises the manual input of data at various stages of processing.

The challenge for any organisation is how to capture the data, the first and most critical step to achieving automation. How do you ingest multiple data formats, from numerous sources, whilst allowing for changes in the future?


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