MiFID II Panel copy

37% of the audience said that Big Data will drive the greatest benefits in Compliance and Regulation.


The IHS Market Financial Markets Conference took place in London earlier this week. There was a lot of talk about new technologies and regulation, but the conversation always returned to data.

The MiFID II panel saw regulation as a data challenge. Panellists wanted to see more focus on getting to the data, as it’s all about automation of data to increase transparency and drive efficiency. Be warned – there is zero no action relief under MiFID II. The panel sees this regulation as evolutionary, needing to be updated as part fo a multi-year cycle, and they expect it to move to the East from Europe. Focus on your data.

The panel on Digital Transformation began talking about AI. Whilst AI is at the peak of the hype cycle, it is hampered by data – how to ingest the data, its lineage and governance.  AI has the potential to automate 70-80% of administrative tasks for financial institutions, which will deliver significant efficiency gains, but capturing the data is the problem. This is compounded by the volume of available data, which is likely to increase even more as MiFID II becomes law next January.

The bottom line – focus on capturing and automating your data.