Aite Group recently published a report, “Data Management Vendor Technology: Takin’ Care of Business”, in which it highlighted that investment in data management technology solutions will increase to US$1.33 billion by 2020—a 72% increase over 2016.

Aite Group interviewed individuals from 25 financial institutions, capturing their views on vendors serving the data management and data governance function. The report details 18 solutions on the market, including Xceptor.



Estimated Spending on Data Management Solutions and Service 2014-2020 (in US$ millions)

Source: Aite Group


Andrew Kouloumbrides, CEO of Xceptor commented, “This report supports our view that financial institutions continue to make significant investments in technologies that increase compliance and reduce cost, through STP. It also highlights the importance of solutions that benefit the business, compliance and IT, all of which form part of the purchase process.”


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