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Robotic Process Automation

Replace repetitive manual data transfer, enhancement and management tasks with user-configured Xceptor software robots.

Workflow Optimisation

Digitise paper-based processes and enable enhanced user interactions within the Xceptor platform.

Operational Control

Xceptor provides managerial control over complex processes, enhancing the ability to scale and providing actionable insight.

Regulatory Compliance

Xceptor provides ensures compliance with relevant regulatory regimes and assurance against risk with full audit, reporting and documentation capabilities.

Reduced Cost

Lower operating costs by automating manual processes and reducing errors.

  • Xceptor is a single solution that replaces multiple custom built in-house software solutions.
  • Manual processes are reduced / eliminated.
  • Data processing errors are significantly reduced.
  • New business can be taken on without incurring additional overheads.

Increased Scale

Xceptor is a scalable technology platform that offers a low total cost of ownership.

  • Xceptor meets increases in data volumes and complexities without incurring additional workload or headcount.
  • Xceptor enables operational teams to implement quick roll outs without initiating large IT projects.
  • Quick deployment across multiple business functions maintains a consistent approach across the organisation.

Operational Control

Decide how data is processed and managed.

  • Achieve centralised control and workflow standardisation, coupled with local flexibility and working practices.
  • Xceptor interfaces with upstream / downstream systems to facilitate increased STP.
  • Accessibility to data to deliver effective customer service and client management.
  • Give the bottom line an instant impact by increasing visibility and pinpointing productivity gains in processing departments.

Reduced Risk

Remove manual processes with Xceptor Robotic Processing.

  • Xceptor reduces operational risk by eliminating reliance on manual re-keying for data capture, validation and enrichment.
  • Xceptor enforces standard workflow processes to reduce scope for ‘off-the-books’ decision making.
  • Full audit reporting functionality assures compliance with regulatory or internal checks.

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